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Before you take your child for another vaccination, do a little research first.  What I have collected on this website is years of research trying to figure out what happened to our son. Please consider weighing up the pro’s and con’s first, then make an educated decision from that point on.  Your child can be given a vaccine that can alter their lives forever. Once your baby is affected with Autism, there is no going back but if you can mull over what I have written here, you may reconsider vaccines for your kids.

If I had known what I do now, Hunter would be vaccine free. My son never asked for Autism but he was blessed on the high end of the spectrum, so he’s pretty interesting to have a conversation with. He still resists us sometimes mainly because he is so shy but he also realizes his “fellow autistic kin” need help too, so he’s decided to get involved. Hunter wrote a letter recently, his father and I were flabbergasted at his brilliance.  Sometimes after he speaks about a random interest, his intelligence is so noticeable you are left speechless and have to really think about your  response before answering.

I am a very lucky mother to have such a brilliant, smart, amazing teenager like Hunter in my life. I’m glad he chose me to be his mom because he’s unique in incredible ways. He has agreed to step out from the shadows into the limelight to help other people just like him. You will come to know Hunter the same way his father and I already see him… a genius mind with an unbiased opinion of the world.

“I have come to understand that low to possibly moderate functioning autism is turning children into brain-dead zombies. And I can’t just stand there and watch this slowly growing mental disability ruin our civilization. After all, I too have this disability. I would be just wrong to not look out for my “fellow autistic kin” and not try and help them.” -Hunter Kelley

Wishing you all the very best health and happiness, Wesdoo

 Victoria De La Torre Kelley

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